Exclusive fireplaces, fire pits and barbecues from GlammFire!


The knowledge of decades can be seen in every design, made by professionals. They take all the time it takes to transform their carefully chosen materials into real works of art.

GlammFire is not only a pioneer, but also targets a dynamic global market with their products. With their attention to quality and detail, GlammFire represents the top in their segment.

Exclusive fireplaces

GlammFire's exclusive fires as a distinctive product


Designed and manufactured in Monção, Portugal. They offer distinctive products that fit indoors or outdoors.

Inspired by everything - nature, era/period, country/city, art, culture - their impressive design pieces are created. Various high-quality materials are used, such as stainless steel, corten steel, titanium coatings, wood, skin, fiberglass, oxidized copper, tempered glass or natural stone.

This unique collection exceeds all expectations and stands out in the market.


Made with passion


The story of GlammFire is about luxury and design. Everything they do is for a reason, a dream or desire.

As such, no one produces fires like GlammFire. Their unmistakable and incomparable talent and attention to detail will not escape anyone's attention. Completely dedicated, they create and supply the most exclusive bioethanol, electric and table fireplaces, fire pits & barbecues and outdoor gas stoves.

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